About GoChapp

GoChapp and Associated Services have been developed to address the current challenges of getting around the city facing urban and rural users. Designed with a simplistic user interface for users with multilingual support, GoChapp is a reliable and comprehensive platform for customers and drivers.

The Company

GoChapp is a product of Innexpert Inc. in the field of Information Technology whose main mission is to bring its expertise in this field to meet the needs of demanding users.

Its mission is to bring its expertise in the field of Information Technology to different companies.

The purpose of InnExpert’s work is to popularize the IT tool with tailored solutions for customer happiness.

In view of the reform in the taxi transportation sector in Quebec, GoChapp was designed to bring a touch of modernization and digital transformation to the paid transportation sector. Through GoChapp, taxi owners, drivers and travellers now have a single platform for all their uses in transporting people by taxi. With goals:

  • Increase the safety of users;
  • Improve the quality of services offered;
  • To ensure the management of the supply of taxi transport services that takes into account the needs of the population;
  • To foster the development of the taxi industry through technological innovation.

Our Story

Coming from immigration, two friends trained in Information Technology (IT) looking for better opportunities settle in Quebec. One since 2016 and the other in 2017. Both, through real-life experiences and observations, find room for improvement in the transport sector, especially in the taxi industry, in terms of their knowledge of the sector.
Indeed, after further researching the taxi market, they realized that it was the current regulations in this sector that favoured such an atmosphere dominated by taxi cooperatives and whose management is still traditional.
For example, in October 2019, a new regulation was adopted by the Quebec government and is scheduled to take effect in October 2020. This law (Law 17) not only provides for the abolition of territorial limitation, but also allows the liberalisation of the sector allowing drivers to become self-employed.
From then on, both decided to go into business with a project to create an information technology company and to set up an innovative platform that will revolutionize the field of taxi transport. Thus, InnExpert Inc. will be born, whose main product is “GO CHAPP”, which is the smartest way to get around the city.